One Power – the creator


There is only one Power in the Universe; it is the Power of Creation.  This Power exists in You and I.  This Power exists in All Creation.  This Power in KEMET is called NTR, which has such a powerful understanding of the Divine force that words like God does not equate.  NTR is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient and beautiful.  One is not of all the Power but one’s power is of ‘The ALL’.

Sitting here connected to the Power and understanding that this connection is who I AM, the NTR, which tells me to write this message is one of the most beautiful loving moments that I choose to exist in.  Yes, I choose to exist in, because the way I choose to exist is a choice. 

This Wonderful Creative Magnificent Power can be use the way THE CREATOR intended, for Edification, or misused for Destruction.   We connect to this Power within through our Divine Consciousness and not our Human Consciousness known as the Ego.  In Divine Consciousness, connected to the Creator using the Power for Edification is the experience of Wholeness, Unconditional Love, and Sound Mind.  Existing in Divine Consciousness is the Light, which reveals Truth, Understanding and Wisdom.

There is only One Power in the Universe.  Choose to use the Power how it was meant to be use – for Edification, existing in the Light, living in Wholeness. 

As we are Energy and Mass, the Universal Laws help us to understand the Power of our Energy and teaches us how to stay connected with and exist in Divine Consciousness. 

What is Illness?

When one is not using their Power under the wisdom, guidance and connection with the Creator, then one will experience incompleteness.  When the level of disconnection, incompleteness, get to the point where the Energy level (Energy vibration) in so low and becomes constant and consistent, illness/disease can and will develop.  Illness is the result of low vibration. A state of illness occurs when we continue to exist in low vibration, which is caused by our thoughts, words and actions.    

Our Creative state of Existence is one of High Vibration.  When we lower our vibration, dis-ease enters, creating a state of illness.

Here is an excerpt from Frequencies of Body Organs… (www.greatdreams.com/hertz.htm)


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