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Queen Miata opens  Tucker High School’s BHM 2019 with a arousing speech titled Originating From Greatness receiving accolades and a standing ovation from Students and Staff.

NTR represents the Divine Force within.  The Kushites, Nubians and other inhabitants of KEMET, called the Creation’s Energy within them NTR-The Divine Force Within.  Have you ever heard you are a Force to be reckoned with?  If you haven’t, now, you have.   Here’s some basic Physics, you can calculate the amount of Physical Force associated with you based on your mass and the acceleration due to gravity.  It would be your weight (W = m x g).  If you want to convert your weight in pounds to your weight in Newtons, which is the Universal unit for Force, just multiply it by 4.45.   Now, you know your weight in pounds and your weight in Newtons.  Weight is a Force.  Basically, Force is using your Energy to push or pull an object.

You can also connect with the Creator’s Energy on the Mental Plane through your thoughts.  Thoughts have Energy associated with them, and thoughts are not encapsulated by Physical barriers.  Thoughts connect with the Universe, pushing, pulling, creating.  Your thoughts are always creating.  You are experiencing is the sum total of your thoughts at the time you experience their effects.

When we study the Mental plane relative to us, we are studying Metaphysics.  FYI: I am going to give a webinar on Metaphysics (101) in June.  So, look out for it.  It will be awesome.

Getting back to the NTR, the Divine Force within… In Africa, words were without vowels; therefore, NTR is also referred to as Neter, Netcher/Netjer or Netcheru.  The Force within gives you the ability to Create, bringing things into manifestation.  This Energy, the Divine Force is your Force of Creation.  Yes, we have the power to Create.  Creation utilizes two types of Energy: the Energy that develops the plan and the Energy that nurtures the plan into full development.  We have both Energies within us and the NTR expresses both; ‘NT’ represents the Feminine Energy and the ‘R’, represents the Male Energy.   Creation involves both.

In Parenting, look beyond the genitalia of your child.  Don’t just focus on the development of the Male Energy within a child because of the expression of the Male genitalia.  Don’t just focus on the development of the Female Energy within a child because of the expression of the Female genitalia.  When parents teach their children how to develop a plan and how to nurture a plan to full development into manifestation, they engage in an aspect of developing a complete child aligning with other Energies of completeness.

The Divine Force within, the NTR, is always working.

(ref. The Universal Laws, NTR, Physics, Oneness)

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