Listening to Spirit, The ‘I AM’ within

At a book signing, a wonderful lady told me about her son building an altar. She stated her son told her that Spirit told him to build an altar. She continued, the altar is very beautiful. He built it and went back on the road. She asked him, “You’re going back on the road, what are you going to do with it?” His response, “It doesn’t matter. Spirit told me to build it. You’re here, it’s here and it’s done.” These are the best stories; the stories about those who have elevated and know the voice of the Spirit. They are so connected to the Universe, to the Creator, that they know the voice and when it is speaking to them.

We are all connected to the Universe. We just need to turn on the switch allowing our self to listen to the voice. It takes practice, learning the voice, its frequency, its tone. Remember, we have two voices, our Ego (self) and the Creator’s Energy (The I AM SPIRIT) within.

I also met a wonderful man who aired, “I am just learning about the Universal Laws.” He mentioned, last September I would just say what I thought. He also talked about his past anger-level. He shares, that now he thinks before he speaks; he is learning to be at Greater peace, greater self.

I shared with him, about using the Universal Law of Polarity to stay tuned into Divine Consciousness and focused on higher level thoughts. Learning how to use the Universal Law of Polarity helps one in elevating out of low-level thoughts. Remember, our objective is to grow in Divine Consciousness and stay there, for the most part, having less and less of these low-level experiences. I do remember him saying that he is more in tune with his energy and that he has experiences of walking into places and turning around because the energy isn’t right. Once, when he did this, he learned later that something negative happened, and his friend asked him how did he know. He stated, ‘he felt the Energy wasn’t right’.

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