Timeline of Inhabitants in KEMET-EGYPT in Current Egyptian Museum

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I recorded this video while in the Egyptian Museum (Cairo, March 2019).

Please note in the video that the Greeks-Roman period occurred in 332 BC; they name was changed  from KEMET to EGYPT.   Later came the Arabs.

THE KEMITES, KUSHITES & NUBIANS  inhabited KEMET  – Black people.

Question:    How old are the MRs (mirs – re: Pyramid is a Greek term)?

Answer:    At least 36,420 BC  during the Vernal Equinox  (when all the monuments of Giza were perfectly aligned with the constellations)
The MIRS – built by Black people.

(The Age of Zep Tepi, Golden Age, has a time stamp of 10, 450 BC ? )


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