The Cross, ANKH, Christianity, JEWS homage, Towards Self-Enlightenment?

Note: BCE & BC are the same; CE & AD are the same.

Question: When asked if the Cross is of Ancient Egypt?

If you are referencing KEMET (Ancient Egypt), when KEMET was the hub of Spirituality, Mathematics, Science, etc., the answer is ‘NO’.

If you are referencing the Greco-Roman period of Ancient Egypt (after the Greeks conquering of KEMET in 332 BC) then the answer is ‘Yes’.

The Philae Temple (Greek Name)
When people point to the cross in Ancient Egypt, they tend to reference the Philae Temple. The Philae Temple’s construction began under Ptolemy II during the Greco-Roman Period of Rule in Egypt. Ptolemy II Philadelphus was the Pharaoh of Ptolemaic Egypt from 283 to 246 BCE/BC.

In essence, the cross does appear on the walls of Ancient Egypt under the Greco-Roman Period. It is not a part of KEMET and has not been found in the MDW NETER in my research. The Medu Neter was renamed Hieroglyphics by the Greeks, which is why it is said to be found in the Hieroglyphics.
What is so amazing about the Cross and Ankh being on the walls of the Philae Temple is that the ANKH is the Symbol of Life, the Key of Life…Creation.
The Cross is said to be the symbol of Resurrection for Christians. Inherently, the Cross focus is on Death/Resurrection into the Kingdom of God.

(This statement will yield debate. However, the evidence is clear when one looks at the practice and teachings of Traditional Christianity).

I must point this out because of the dialogue I had with a pastor via text:

Queen Miata: How does this statement sounds to you,… The Christian religion prepares people for resurrection (death), the waiting of transitioning knowing or hopefully believing that they have done right in this world. Whatever the right and wrong is.

Pastor: I think that’s a very small part of what Christ Is doing through the church. What Christ is doing is welcoming and integrating us into the Kingdom of God

Queen Miata: Question…Where is and what is your Kingdom of God concept?

Pastor: Interdimensional, but also immediate and transcendent

Queen Miata: Question, if the immediate is in the Dimension of Life, why focus on the after death when success on the former inherently takes care of the latter?
I was going to say something but Spirit pull the statement back. However, Spirit says this can be said. ‘Focus more on Life and Elevating people into the Kingdom of God on Earth. Either you will serve the Living or the Dead.
The Consciousness of the Living is the Consciousness of Life which needs to be elevated.’
Peace my brother
Just to note:
Isis is Greek name for the Goddess Auset. This is very important because of the statement:

The oldest remains of the Temple of Philae date back to the reign of King Taharqa (25th Dynasty), who built the first chapel for the Goddess Isis.

Taharqa was a Nubian King who ruled KEMET from 690–664 BCE/BC.

King Taharqa’s contribution would have been for the Nubian Goddess Auset (KEMET’s name, not ISIS the Greek name)

Taharqa and Tirharka is the same person. This is important because of the Assyrians, who were Semitic, attack on The Jews.
“Taharqa/ Tirharka with 200,000 men entered Asia and saved the Jews in Jerusalem, but he was later defeated by the Assyrians and withdrew in KEMET-Egypt…”

This story is mention in the Bible in Isaiah 37.

Why is this important?
Jews owe a debt/homage to Blacks / KEMET and they should publicly acknowledge it.
Know your position in History, Medicine, Mathematics, Spirituality, and the world. Self-Realization is enlightenment. I did not say religion for obvious reason.

In the words of someone else, four hundred (400) years of slavery is less than 1% of our Great contributions in this world. Do not buy into self-victimization.

WE ARE ALKEBULAN – RISE!     One Nation Enlightened Global Initiative

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