Faith grows through listening to the Divine Force within and seeing the results. In the summer of 2016, I was asked, “who do you work for?” The answer I gave was not of me, but of the I AM within. I never have given or thought about the answer I gave. Who do you work for, I was asked. A voice came out and stated with authority, I work for the KINGDOM. It was the most beautiful ah-ha moment in my world. I knew it did not come from me but through me. I knew it came from the Supreme Being whom many call GOD.  Still, unknown to me was the meaning of the statement.

In 2018, Spirit told me to build a Nation enlightened in the Universal Laws. The Seven
Ancient Universal Laws governed our Ancestors in Ancient Africa (BC) when the Continent was called ALKEBU-LAN by the indigenous people (Original men who understood its meaning and connected to Spiritual Power by practicing what is now referred to by many as the Ancient Universal Laws).

For the Spiritual laws are no more Ancient than the Creator.  We all Create our world by the Spiritual Power within. However, only those who study the Spiritual Laws are able to see the connection of what one is creating to the practice one is exhibiting in their thoughts, words, and actions. In essence, how we are choosing to live represents the understanding of Spiritual Power.

As I sit here and dictate the Creator’s message, I am honored. I was told yesterday to let the people know that the Kingdom is opened. It has always been there but now it is here for you. The Kingdom exists to help you turn within and learn about your Spiritual Power, which is a connection from within. There is no one above you, no minister, no priest, no pastor. Prophets come to enlighten not to elevate. One can only elevate one’s self.  When you live in the Divine Consciousness, you will experience life. You have had the power all the time to rise above limitations. Limitations were never placed on you; they were a result of one’s choices and one’s decision to sit with people, with others with whom one were not supposed to sit and eat.

The Kingdom is not a place. The Kingdom is not a church, a synagogue, a temple. The Kingdom is within. The Kingdom is home. The Kingdom is a Dimension of Existence within the Dimension of Life. When you choose to exist from and in the Kingdom, you choose to live not to die, you choose to bring light and life and not stagnate in death. There is no good nor bad, no right nor wrong. There is only enlightenment, one’s choice to be enlightened and one’s decision to elevate into the Kingdom from such enlightenment.

As I sit here and write the Creator’s message, I hear from the Creator’s words of kindness that I have fulfilled this task and there are many others I must do. However, I am only here to help you turn within.  The work of elevating into and existing from the Kingdom will be of your truth of listening to Spirit.

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