GLOBAL ENLIGHTENMENT: Elevation in Thought

In 2016, the Creator’s Energy, I call Spirit, spoke to me and told me to go to New York. This trip was one of the most important interrupters in my life. More importantly, it indicated to me, my undeniable ability to distinguish between Spirit and Ego leaving all emotional connection in the 3D world and my willingness to fully exist in the 5D-thought of Divine Consciousness.

There were many important aspects of this trip. However, Spirit led me to Harlem and told me that the best writers spoke from love. The Creator spoke and stated that my default must always be unconditional love. When I look at the image above, which Spirit created through me, I understand that the oneness state, created by the upward movement in consciousness, requires us to relinquish thoughts of separation. When we do this, we become one with the most powerful Energy in the world, the Energy that created us.

I read recently in a post on Facebook, a Pastor asked, “What is Spirituality without Religion?” Here’s the answer as the Creator has told me to deliver it. Spirituality is the connection to the Divine Creator’s Energy (NTR) that exists within all. Existing is Spirituality means to be willing to listen to Spirit knowing there is no one between you and the Creator. Religion may have many meanings from an individual’s routine to organized ordered religion that man has created.

We were all created from the Creator’s energy; we were all Created from the ONE. The process of Evolution as we adapted to various environments does not change this ONENESS. You are seen as others see you. Sure they may exist the occasional anomaly. However, as my brother reminds me in this rhetorical question, if you lose your limbs are you still you? You are your thoughts. Your thoughts create. And, individuals respond to the creation of your thoughts. If you want to see your existence, observe the actuality of how people respond to you. If you want to see your existence, see your creations. When your actions and words separate, you are moving away from Divine Consciousness. When they unite, you are moving towards it, towards oneness, towards ‘THE ALL’.

{ref. 3D thought (Ego), 5D thought(Divine Consciousness), NTR, Oneness, Universal Laws of Mentalism and Correspondence}

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