AWAKENING Pt 2…BLACK IS A FREQUENCY/ the Jews, Greeks, Romans, Christians, Arabs, Muslims did not build the MRs, (could not, cannot, Consciousness too low)

The Alkebulans (Original Man) are Black in hue due to Melanin, the substance in the Human Body capturing energy from the Sun and raising the vibration of a person to a level of high frequency.

Black is a Frequency not a color
In physics, we call something “black” when it does not reflect light. A black body is one that absorbs all the light that strikes it. All black bodies radiate. The frequency of that radiation, the black body spectrum, is a function of the temperature of the object and follows Planck’s Law.

Here are simple definitions you need to know:

Energy – the ability to do work
Power equals the amount of work that can be done in a given amount of time
Vibration – the back and forth of motion
Frequency – the amount of vibration occurring per second
Metaphysics – the study of the Physics (forces and energy) of Self beyond what one can visibly see of self

The Skin it the largest organ in and of the body.

Every organ, tissue, and cell naturally exists at a certain frequency (Frequencies of Body and dis-eases)  . Based on health norm information being skewed to reflect the research data of Caucasians, the frequency of Black bodies will trend higher due to the amount of melanin. When the natural frequency (homeostasis) of organs, tissues, and cells is disrupted, dis-ease (disease) sits in.

The Love Frequency is 528 Hz. When you compare the frequencies in the chart, you will notice that the Love Frequency is higher than those listed for the organs, tissues, cells, and chakras. Again, based on health norm information being skewed to reflect the research data of Caucasians, the frequency of Black bodies will trend higher due to the amount of melanin.

Melanin is found in all people. The correlation between Melanin, Energy, Frequency, and Vibration is simple. The more Melanin a person has the greater the amount of Energy the person can absorb. The Greater the amount of Energy a person can absorb, the higher the vibration. The higher the vibration of a body the higher is its frequency, which is the measurement of its vibration.

Black bodies’ melanin is its power source. The Blacker the body, the larger the amount of melanin, the more energy, the more POWER it has.

Power, Spiritual Power
On November 9, 2019, we published our first Global World History Activity, which elicits knowledge about Spiritual practices. The Alkebulans practiced Spiritual Power, developing and teaching the Universal Laws. The Universal Laws entail the characteristics and Power of Energy.

In Awakening Pt 1, we discussed the Universal Law of Rhythm as it pertained to Earth’s yearly cycle. Now, we will look at Alkebu-lan’s climate in the following Geographical areas because of the location of the MRs, Ancient Civilization and Birthplace of Man (ref. Global World History Activity):

KEMET/EGYPT – Egypt has only two seasons: a mild winter from November to April and a hot summer from May to October. The only differences between the seasons are variations in daytime temperatures and changes in prevailing winds. In the coastal regions, temperatures range between an average minimum of 14° C (~57⁰F) in winter and an average maximum of 30° C (86⁰F) in summer.

CUSH/SUDAN- Sudan has a tropical climate. Summer temperatures often exceed 43.3 degrees Celsius (110 degrees Fahrenheit) in the desert zones, and rainfall is negligible. Dust storms frequently occur in the desert zone. High temperatures also occur in the south throughout the central plains region, but the humidity is generally low. In Khartoum the average annual temperature is about 26, 7° Celsius (80° Fahrenheit); and annual rainfall, most of which occurs between mid-June and September, is about 254 mm (about 10 inches).

ETHIOPIA – Ethiopian climate varies according to the different topographical regions. The central plateau (high above sea level) has a moderate climate with minimal seasonal temperature variation. The mean minimum during the coldest season is 6° C (43° F ), while the mean maximum rarely exceeds 26° C (79° F ). Temperature variations in the lowlands (near sea levels)are much greater, and the heat in the desert and Red Sea coastal areas is extreme, with occasional highs of 60° C (140° F ).

The climate of Alkebu-lan does not have extremely cold weather. A basic science principle is: as temperature increases so does the motion of the entity. Original Man, indigenous living organisms, operated at and in a higher vibration for very long periods. Original Man eating indigenous food were able to maintain that level of high vibration in sync with the Universe.

The MRs
According to research, The Pyramid of Ahmose I is the last MR built; it finished around 1525 BC. The time is very significant because it was around 1530 BC that Moses “supposedly” delivered the *Ten Commandments.  Another source has Moses retrieving the Ten Commandments around 1491 BC.  However, according to research, the ‘Children of Israel’ was apart of the most brutal invasion on Kemet known as the **Hyksos Invasion (see below)which occurred during the 2nd Intermediate period (13th to 17th Dynasties).  The ‘Children of Israel’ were never slaves in Kemet.  Ahmose I defeated them around 1550 and  reunites Upper and Lower Kemet.  The ‘Children of Israel’ is ousted/expelled from Kemet and return to Palestine where they founded Jerusalem.

There were no MRs built in Mesopotamia, Greece or Rome.  The Greeks conquered Kemet in 332 BC and changed its name to Egypt and change the name of MRs to Pyramids. The Romans conquered the Greeks. Arabs moved into Egypt in 648 AD and forced people to accept Islam. This is similar to how Constantine forced the acceptance of Christianity in the land that the Roman conquered.

Question:   How old are the MRs (Pyramid is a Greek term)?

Answer:  At least 36,420 BC during the Vernal Equinox (when all the monuments of Giza were perfectly aligned with the constellations)

(The Age of Zep Tepi, Golden Age, has a timestamp of 10,450 BC)

High/Low Consciousness
In my latest book, Permission to be Great, I enlighten people and elevate the understanding of the Universal Laws, helping you to be a light for your family. Additionally, I talk about our coming into incarnation and the splitting of energy creating the Divine Consciousness (ref. Spirit) and the Human Consciousness (ref. Ego). Movement into Divine Consciousness starts around 528 Hz (the Love Frequency).

When we are not in Divine Consciousness, we are in the Human Consciousness, our Ego.

Note: Fluctuation between Divine Consciousness and Human Consciousness does occur.

Human Consciousness is low vibration, it is the lower consciousness. It should be natural to exist in our Divine Consciousness, and for Original Man on the Continent of ALKEBU-LAN it was until the day Original Man communed with people of lower consciousness and accepted the philosophies of others.

These practices led and contributed to the blockage preventing the natural existence in the Divine Consciousness / In The Kingdom.

Moses studied the KEMETIC teachings (Acts 7:22) of Spiritual Power and delivered the Ten Commandments. (The logistics and accounts of the Moses story are inherently flawed-FICTION)

When “Moses” gave the Jews the 10 Commandments as Law, a blockage occurred preventing the Jews from understanding Spiritual Power. This same limitation exists in Christianity, Islam and any other religion that blocks access to the Divine Consciousness generally by giving a set of right and wrong laws of good and evil instead of having one to understand the Energy of Creation (The Universal Laws). When we understand the Energy of Creation, which exists in ALL of us, we understand that things are not just happening to us, we are creating them.

Original Man was AWAKE.  Divine Consciousness, The Consciousness of Giants, built the MRs.

Original Man black in hue, heavily melanated, understanding Spiritual Power, teaching and practicing the Universal Laws of Spiritual Power, vibration high, connected to the ALL in Divine Consciousness, connected to the Universe not in Ego but in Spirit…

Original Man can exhibit the highest vibration that can exist in humanity. Black is not a color; Black is a Frequency. Understand it. Original Man the KINGDOM is OPENED and YOU ARE INVITED.

This is the LAW of LIFE

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* Ten Commandments – The movie the Ten Commandments is embellished.  The Age of Ramses does not began until 1320 B.C.

**Hyksos invasion was an attempt to destroy and exterminate the Kemites.


*Browder, Anthony, Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization, The Institute of Karmic Guidance, Washington, D.C., 13th printing 2016
*Williams, Chancellor, The Destruction of Black Civilization, Third World Press, Chicago, IL. 3rd edition 1987

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  1. Bonjour je m’appelle Owen et je suis âgé de 16 ans, ça fait au moins 1 an (que je suis conscient de mon héritage kémite) et j’aimerai vous faire part d’un qui se nomme le Livre de Vie de l’Agneau que vous pouvez trouver aussi en anglais

  2. Concernant les Hyksos, j’ai découvert qu’ils étaient Asiatiques (être de la Race Jaune). Nos ancêtres les ont affronter pendant des millénaires , et à chaque fois ils changent d’identités/noms : Akkadiens, Romains, Perses, Néo-Babyloniens etc… étaient tous des Turcs-Mongols Asiatiques et nos ancêtres ont laissé des traces sur les murs.

    1. Yes! Hyksos is a general term which reference foreign invaders. Keep in mind that Asians represent the continent, which includes India, Saudi Arabia, etc., not just China. Keep up the study.

      The role of a Queen is to renew and rebirth the fundamental Spirit of the Culture, its light.

      Great work Owen.

      Be awesome in your discovery of self. You are learning at a much earlier age than most.

    2. Second reply

      Additionally, during the intermediate periods there were different rulers in Upper and Lower Kemet simultaneously.
      I recommend the reading Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization by Anthony Browder.

      I will reference your book for an understanding of its content. Again, thank you.

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