AWAKENING Pt 3…WHAT HAS BEEN HIDDEN IS NOW REVEALED/unblocking the path to understanding your Spiritual Power

(Note: To ensure maximum understanding please read Awakening Parts 1 and 2. Order is Power, especially here).

There are 7 Universal Laws to help one understand their Spiritual Power. It is through the practicing of these 7 Universal Laws one will understand how they are creating their world. The Universal Laws will teach one that nothing is happening to them. We are full participants in what is showing up seen in our world. We are creating our world using our Spiritual Power and nothing is happening to us. Spiritual Power is always working.

To fully participate in this Dimension known as Life, you must have an understanding of these 7 Universal Laws. When you have the understanding of these 7 Universal Laws, you will have a choice in the Creation of your world and you will understand that your Spiritual Power has been creating your world.

Spiritual Power is like the Sun. It is Divine meaning it is always working. And, just like the Sun and all of Nature, you must respect it. When one doesn’t understand Spiritual Power, when one doesn’t respect Spiritual Power, then its power can be misused. In my second book, God Has Not Forgotten You, which has been written for young people ages 14-24, I talk about the Spiritual Power found in Nature contextually referencing the 7 Universal Laws. As we are Nature, we too possess this magnificent powerful energy.

The Alkebulans referred to this Power as NTR (Neter, Netcher) – The Divine Force Within. They understood and respected the Divine Force Within.

Dr. Asa G. Hilliard wrote about the Development of Spiritual Power as being one of the five components of The Alkebulan (Ancient Africa) Educational System:


Moses studied under the Kemites and learned about Spiritual Power (Acts 7:22).

What Has Been Hidden Is Now Revealed
Before any organized religion and before Ma’at, there was, has been, is and always will be the Universal Laws. What makes them Universal is that they stand on their own. When you study these 7 Universal Laws, you will understand your Spiritual Power and understand just how powerful you really are. Imperatively speaking, you will understand our regression. Even more important, you will learn how Organized Religion was designed to block your understanding of your Spiritual Power, especially Black people understanding their Spiritual Power.

I know my assignment. I am here to enlighten you about the 7 Universal Laws
                                                                               so you will be able to know and you will be able to choose.                                                                                                                                                                                            ~Queen Miata

Presenting the 7 UNIVERSAL LAWS

The Universal Law of MENTALISM
The Universal Law of CORRESPONDENCE
The Universal Law of POLARITY
The Universal Law of VIBRATION
The Universal Law of GENDER
The Universal Law of CAUSE AND EFFECT
The Universal Law of RHYTHM

The Blockage and its Removal
Before any organized religion and before Ma’at there was, has been, is and always will be the Universal Laws. What makes them Universal is that they stand on their own. The Universal Laws are scientific and follow the principles of Physics. Their understanding and practice built kingdoms. During the Greco-Roman occupation period of KEMET, information of Kemet Teachings was suppressed. Greeks renamed Kemet Egypt after conquering it in 332 BCE/BC.

Excerpts from Anthony Browder’s book, Nile Valley Contribution to Civilization:
The Romans, like the Greeks before them, saw great value in the civilization in Kemet and incorporated those elements most easily into their culture…But in the final analysis it was not the Roman army that ultimately brought Egypt to her knees and destroyed her, it was the newly emerging religion of Christianity.

Roman Emperor Constantine declared Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire and ordered the closing of all Egyptian Temples in an attempt to eradicate any and all competing religions. The African Trinity of Ausar, Aset/Auset and Heru (renamed by Greeks as Osiris, Isis and Horus), which existed for more than 4000 years, was replaced with the Trinity, which consisted of The Father, Son and Holy Ghost. In 325 A.C.E., the Christian bishops who met at the Council of Nicea introduced a new religious theology which contained doctrines similar to the African concepts of a virgin birth, resurrection and salvation. This new version of Christianity lacked significant African elements, which were viewed as competitive and were subsequently outlawed by the Byzantine emperors.

Sometime during the reign of the Emperor Justinian (527 – 565 A.C.E.) the last of the Egyptian priests were driven out of the Temple of Philae in Upper Egypt. The structure was then converted into a Christian church.

What has been blocked is your understanding of Spiritual Power. Let me restate this. What has been blocked is the path to your understanding of your Spiritual Power. Many have given their path to understanding their Spiritual Power to Organized Religion (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.) outsourcing their Spirituality/Spiritual Power to them.

Everyone has Spiritual Power. Spiritual Power is Energy given to us as we are created/given life in Energy in the ALL of the Universe. It is Magnificent and it is Powerful. It is Divine, working all the time. However, it is the understanding of what you have that makes one more powerful.

In Awakening Part 2, I talk about the Power of Melanin. Melanin gives Blacks an advantage when it comes to existing in Divine Consciousness; the Divine Consciousness is the Kingdom. The Divine Consciousness is of LIFE, of Spirit, contrary to the Human Consciousness, which is a Consciousness of Ego leading one to Death (low vibration and stagnation).

The Divine Consciousness starts around 528 hz; This vibration is known as the Love Frequency. Due to my understanding of the Universal Laws, I truly believe it is our melanin that has saved us. We naturally elevate to exist and act with love even amid targeted hate. This natural act of Love reciprocates (The Universal Law of Cause and Effect). 

The Universal Law of Cause and Effect, one of the 7 Universal Laws, was practiced by Alkebulan/African Civilizations before organized religion including Judaism. The Universal Law of Cause and Effect is also known as Karma, Laws of Consequences, Reciprocity, Compensation and Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion. The Universal Law of Cause and Effect is inherently embedded in sayings such as you reap what you sow and what goes around comes around. The Universal Law of Cause and Effect is the foundation of the Golden rule, which is fundamental in all major religions.

‘For Every Cause, there is an effect and every effect has a cause’

You live the effects of your life. The cause of the effects in your life happened in the past. How you choose to operate in the present effects showing up in your life, will be the cause for the effects in the future, whether it’s the future minute, day, year, etc. If you choose to focus on the past, then you will keep living its effects in the present and future. In essence, the three Dimensions of the Past, Present, and Future exist simultaneously. You choose in which Dimension you exist. ~QUEEN MIATA

The Black Body has an advantage
Again, the Black body has an advantage when it comes to existing in Divine Consciousness. This advantage is our melanin.

However, time is running out for many of us. Spirit has told me that many will not make it into the Kingdom, which exists all around us because it is in us. More of the opposite (of the Kingdom) is showing up seen, which is ‘delevation’, low vibration and low consciousness because the choosing not to exist according to our creation.

The Ancestors speak of this camouflaging in the World message they have given me to deliver.

We delivered this message in Atlanta, GA. Many were not prepared for the message. Now the Ancestors have given me the assignment to prepare them for the message, which means I will teach them about the 7 Universal Laws, which will begin after the Winter Solstice. Purchase the book Permission To Be Great, my book about the Universal Laws and Living in Divine Consciousness, and join us. There is no cost for the webinars.

In essence, the reason one can’t find the Kingdom or see it is due to the blockage. The elevation into the Divine Consciousness, into the Kingdom, is being blocked. Understand that what is on the outside is a reflection of the inside. This is the Universal Law of Correspondence. The death in our communities is a reflection of the death/creation of death inside us as a community (low vibration and stagnation).

When you are forced to accept a religion that cannot stand on its own, you have accepted a religion of death. Any religion, practice, tradition, etc. that focuses on death cannot get you into the Kingdom/Divine Consciousness for one simple reason. The reason is the Divine Consciousness/The Kingdom is of Life

The Divine Consciousness
The Kingdom of LIFE exists in the Dimension of Life. To truly experience being alive you must be in Life. You must be in the vibration of Life, which starts around, you guessed it, 528 hz- the Frequency of Love.

This is the LAW of LIFE.

To be in Life, one must always be choosing Life.

In the Kingdom, in 5th Dimensional Divine Consciousness, you live Life because you understand the Energy of Life, the energy that created you. It’s a beautiful experience. The best part for me is that you learn how to elevate back to and stay in the higher vibration. Worriation is gone.  Sickness is gone.   YOU BECOME WHOLE. Life on the inside is reflected on the outside and as a community we are creating Light, Life and Love in the community.

I met a young person who referenced my high vibration. The young person talked about how his grandmother taught him and nurtured his ability to read and pay attention to high and low vibrations. He stated he selects his friends based on their vibration. He stated it feels like a place where you are supposed to be. His female friend found the conversation to be enlightening.

My daughter stated she was talking to herself saying she wanted to go home. She said a few days later a voice told her Home is inside.

I describe the Divine Consciousness as HOME.

In 5th Dimension Consciousness, you know Energy aligns according to its frequency. Therefore, you can only see and be in tune with things that are of similar frequency and vice versa. As you raise and lower your vibration with your thoughts, words and actions, you align with other entities based on the sum total of your frequency. Understanding the Universal Law of Vibration means you understand your full participation of the world you are creating.

Creation involves planning (male energy) and nurturing (female energy).   When you understand the components of Creation (Universal Law of Gender) you will understand you are complete in your power to create.   Creation is rhythmic, having stages. (Universal Law of Rhythm).

Remove the blockage
Removing the blockage means getting into the higher intellect of who you are; thus, existing from the Divine Consciousness. To exist in the Kingdom/Divine Consciousness your thoughts (Universal Law of Mentalism) must change because they control your words and actions. What you take in and what you put out must elevate and be elevating.

In Spirituality, resurrection means to come out of the dead, come out of low vibration and stagnation into LIFE.   The Kingdom of God is at hand, it is right there; it is right here. To experience it you have to engage in LIFE (your thoughts, words, and actions must be of LIFE), which is the opposite of death. Engaging in Life is not the same as being anti-death. To understand this, one must understand the Universal Law of Polarity.

The NTR, the Divine Force is within. NTR means the Divine Force Within. When one speaks of the Kingdom of God is within (as stated in Bible) you will understand how it was derived, from the NTR which is within. When you understand the practices prior to Organized Religion, you will understand the regression.

The ALKEBULANs understood the Divine Force was within.   When the Greeks conquered KEMET and the Romans conquered the Greeks, there was an elimination of the understanding of the NTR (Divine Force within) in the development and institution of Religious doctrine. The NTR inside became the GOD outside.

Emperor Constantine in 312AD commanded soldiers to conquer new land in the ‘Name of the Lord’. The Arabs forced Islam upon the ALKEBULANS, now known as Africans, in 648 ACE/AD using an acceptance or die policy.

At the start of Organized religion, which is said to begin with Abraham, the Divine Force was misrepresented. Abraham (in UR, Mesopotamia around 1800BC) is credited with bringing the concept of One God (God being external). The dichotomy is that Moses studied under the Kemites, studying Spiritual Power and the NTR inside to help liberate his people (~1530 BCE/BC). Additionally, accounts show that ‘EXODUS’ is derived from the Ta Ma Rean (Kama’atian/Egyptian) real history of Thutmose[s] (Tehuti Mes) III, Ankh Aton (Akhenato or Amen Hotep IV, the so-called monotheistic belief system Moses is derived Ankh Aton).

One steals what they desire and cannot duplicate.

The Teachings of the 7 Universal Laws
Spirit has directed me to go into the Kingdom and teach, not about religion but about Spiritual Power. As directed, I will teach the 7 Universal Laws, what has been hidden.

Before any organized religion and before Ma’at there was, has been, is and always be the Universal Laws. What makes them Universal is that they stand on their own. The Universal Laws are scientific and follow the principles of Physics, a natural science dealing with the structure of matter and how the fundamental constituents of the universe interact and the related entities of motion, energy and forces. Learning the 7 Universal Laws will help you understand your Spiritual Power. I will teach about the 7 Universal Laws as Spirit directs and the Ancestors desire. I will teach about the Creation of you.

I am here to enlighten you about the 7 Universal Laws
so you will be able to know and you will be able to choose.
                                                                                ~Queen Miata

I was exposed to Christianity and Islam. However, if you read my Bio, you will learn I grew up New Thought reflecting the understanding of the Universal Law of Mentalism. It was a Western world’s view of Metaphysics never disclosing the other six Universal Laws and referencing the 12 Powers of Man. All religions have diluted the 7 Universal Laws to build a religion of indoctrination.

However, metaphysics is not indoctrination; it is a knowledge that stands on its own. Metaphysics is an adaptive practice meaning the more you practice it the better and stronger you are in understanding your Spiritual Power and creating your world. I truly understand why it has been hidden because of the need of mankind to dominate one another and in the creation of man-made racism, especially the need to ‘inferiorize’ Black people, the heavily melanated people. Melanin causes the high vibes to be higher more constructive in tune with the Universe and the low vibes to be more destructive in tune with the Ego.

I will begin this teaching during the Winter Solstice, which represents the rising of the Sun (Light/Life) ascending in each of us, elevating into and through Divine Consciousness.

This is a recruitment
from the Ancestors to teach you what has been hidden, to teach you how to be Light to your family, how to elevate and stay in Divine Consciousness, to teach you what the Ancestors want us to know. Our Ancestors are our guides. As I listen and teach, I hope you will listen and learn. Thus, you will have a choice. Then, you will be able to choose.

Purchase the book Permission To Be Great, my book about the Universal Laws and Living in Divine Consciousness, and join us. There is no cost for the webinars.

The LAW of LIFE expresses it ALL and you will know when you are enlightened being a light unto your family and community.


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