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RISE and Live in your Greatness!

Queen Miata writes from a Spiritual perspective inspiring her readers to turn within, hear, and listen to Spirit,
helping them elevate self and household to expressing Greatness in their life.





Higher Dimension . Enlightenment . Elevation


Permission to be great

ISBN: 9780975991749

RISE! Live in your Greatness!

Permission to Be Great 
Spirit has told me that the book Permission To Be Great represents the end of where most have been and the beginning of where most are going – rising into a world connecting to ‘THE ALL’.  When we walk as Light, we give others  ‘Permission To Be Great’.  ‘Spiritual Beings rise, live in your Greatness!’  

Permission to Be Great
An elevation into Divine Consciousness, the Spiritual Self, One’s Spiritual Being, through the enlightenment and understanding of the 7 Spiritual Principles of Self, which are the principles of the Divine Consciousness, and the 7 Universal Laws.  The Spiritual Self is in Alignment with the ONENESS of the Universe and the Universal Laws.  

Permission To Be Great:
Self-Mastery | Helping You Operate From the Divine Magnificent Creative Energy and Power Within

Shifting the Family into a new dimension of Greatness
Helping You Create Your Reality Kingdom

The role of a Queen is in the Renewal and Rebirth of the Fundamental Spirit of a Culture, its Light.

Choosing to listen to Spirit has transformed my life into a peace and purpose of amazing Greatness. I am humbled by the message Spirit entrusted me to share. You will be enlightened and inspired.  Enjoy!
                                                                                                                                                     – Queen Mother Miata







god has not forgotten you

ISBN: 9780975991732
God Has Not Forgotten You 
Here’s something you need to know. I decided to write a manual for my children. It was during my children’s teenage and young adult years, I found myself repeating, reemphasizing and readdressing lessons over and over again. Asking, “Don’t they get it? Why would they want to learn it the hard way, through personal suffering, the school of hard knocks?” At that moment, I said, “I am going to just write a book, hand it to them, and tell them to refer to the lesson(s).”  However, it was only after a meeting with a teenager telling me her story about not being acknowledged by her Earthly father did Spirit give me the task to write this book.

God Has Not Forgotten You is about your life having purpose and the power you have to create your reality.  Stop looking for something to fill the void. When there existed a void in the world, God created the heavens and the earth, and He created you.  God knew you before you were born. Your life is precious regardless of the appearances of turmoil, abandonment, trials, tribulation, etc. You are here for a reason, a purpose.


God Has Not Forgotten You:
Helping You to Release Limiting Thought
Showing You How to Create Your Reality
Helping You Create Your Destiny







from parent to power

ISBN: 9780975991756
From Parent to Power, the book/guide that 1) educates parents on education and 2) helps parents to parent from Spirit. It’s a transformative book moving parents out of the Human enablers of fear and chaos, in which many parents live, to Spiritual power, which is creative energy. 

From Parent to Power:
Unlocking Your Child’s Full Potential
Cultivating Your Child’s Uniqueness
Helping Your Child Succeed in School