The Universal Laws help you to understand your Spiritual Power.
When you understand the Universal Laws, you understand how you are using your Energy to Create.






Since the original publication of this book, I have learned the following about Our Stolen Legacy pertaining to terms used in this book:

Upon the conquering of KEMET by the Greeks in 332 BC:

1) KEMET (KMT) was changed to Egypt (Greek word).

2) GOD (Greek word) meaning power replaced NTR/Neter (Kemetic word) meaning the Divine Force within.

3) The Original Immaculate Conception Story is of Ausar, Auset and Heru.

4) The MR (Mir) was changed to Pyramid (Greek word). This is very important because the Apex of the MR represents ASCENSION.

5) Greek:  ‘THE ALL’ and the 7 Universal Laws expressed in the Kybalion were copied/stolen from the concepts of the Kemites:  THE NETCHERU and the 7 Universal Laws in Kemetic teachings and the Pert Em Heru n Gerh (The Book of Coming into the Light from Darkness) misnomer The Book of the Dead.

“Pert,” going out; “Em,” as or through; “Heru,” Spiritual Light or Enlightened Being (the Heru, the Light); Nehast, resurrect-wake up; and “Gerh” ,“Darkness”. In short, Pert Em Heru means “Coming into the Light.”

According to cross-references, The Pert Em Heru originated from concepts depicted in tomb paintings and inscriptions from as early as the  Third Dynasty of Kemet  (c. 2670- 2613 BCE).  

It is imperative to understand history for self-awareness and self-actuality in reaching your greatest potential (using your Spiritual Power from the Knowing).  I often state that when the Greeks conquered Kemet, they contributed to the lowering of the vibration of Man, man’s existence out of the Divine Consciousness into Human Consciousness, out of alignment with Nature, i.e. the Universe.

What has been hidden, the 7 Universal Laws, is now revealed.  The 7 Universal Laws from which all have borrowed, knowingly or
unknowingly, used or misused – esp. for power.                                                 

                                                                     ~ Queen Phyllis L-Miata