When you know and understand who you are, you will rise into your light.  You have been given what you seek.
                                                                                                                                                            ~Queen Miata

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KHEMET/KEMET – The land of Black People.
The land you know as Egypt, Africa.

Chemistry is the study of CHEM/KHEM, i.e. BLACKNESS.  In Physics, we call something Black when it does not reflect light.  A Black body absorbs all the Light that strikes it.

What is Light? Light is Energy.

Melanin is the biochemical molecule that captures Light, and is responsible for blackness.  The higher amount of melanin a person has, the higher the capability to connect to the higher frequencies in the Universe.  The higher frequencies of Love, Peace, Wisdom, etc.; these are the characteristics of Spirituality.

Nature’s Gift of Blackness needs to be understood.  In essence, Alkaline Organic foods of high frequencies are the preferred diet enhancing the ability of the Black person to reach, sustain, and operate in their Greatness of Spiritual Power.

Processed foods, meat, alcohol, drugs, etc., reduce the benefits of melanin, causing and enhancing diseases and dis-ease to be more profound in Black People.

Now is the Time for You to Rise into Your Spiritual Power.
                                                                               ~Queen Miata

QUEEN MIATA’S GLOBAL KINGDOM MESSAGE (6.4.2020)- Alignment & Acknowledgement: Black Lives Matter Spirit and Ancestors’ Message . A must hear message for the Continent and the Diaspora…BLM UNSEEN CAUSES …44 MIN. VIDEO – 5000+ YRS. OF KNOWLEDGE …TO ERADICATE AN EFFECT / AN ISSUE / A PROBLEM..1) Focus on the Cause (Universal Law of Cause and Effect)…2) Focus on the Opposite of the Effect (Universal Law of Polarity)

Queen Miata opens Tucker High School’s BHM 2019

‘Originating From Greatness’ by QUEEN MIATA
receives accolades and a standing ovation from Students and Staff.