Questions about Moses, Jews, Exodus – FICTION?

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There are questions surrounding: if the Jews/Hebrews were slaves, conflict with Ramses the II and if there was a mass exodus.

The above video presents Dr. Ben showing that there is no account (timestamp 3:30) of the Jew/Hebrews conflict.  This video is from the Public Affairs Television Program Tell It Like It Is better known as ‘LIKE IT IS

This is a very old video.

(FYI – At the beginning of the video, Dr. Ben states: Amun-Ra wife Mut and son Khonsu were copied by the Christian’s story of the Holy Trinity.)

Additionally, here are excerpts about fiction and the lack of archaeological findings directly quoted:


The Biblical Exodus Story Is Fiction


As it turns out, well-known Jewish commentator and author Rabbi David Wolpe has also known about the Exodus Myth. In his article, “Did the Exodus Really Happen?“ he mentions that other rabbis wanted him to keep the fiction of the Exodus story on the down-low. The basic story of the Exodus from Egypt (extracting supernatural elements) was touted to me as one of the most historical aspects of the Bible, yet it never happened. This seriously puts into question the historicity of any and all of the Bible stories


I was not conflating the monotheism of Akhenaten with the Old Kingdom just examining some of the possible sources of the stories that made up the first five books of the Bible.
It is clear that the stories predate the Torah by centuries and that they must have arisen from multiple sources. Many of these are purely mythical but some may relate to stories told in an oral tradition that could have been many centuries old.
I agree entirely that Yaweh was a construct of a local divinity and imported ideas of monotheism. Yaweh would have been one of many gods (divinities) to be found in the territory we know as Canaan. We know that the people worshipped multiple gods from the archaeology.
Modern Christianity is a later manifestation of one religion adopting elements of pre existing ones. The Romans too assimilated local gods into their own rather complex pantheon ending up with a range from Ancient Greece to the Gods of Celtic Northern Britain.
The monotheistic religion of the Torah originated around 2500 years ago and claims placing it at a much earlier date are unsubtstantiated by any contemporary verification. There is nothing in the extensive written history of Ancient Egypt that mentions a Hebrew religion but plenty decribing the cults and rituals of rivals states in the neighbourhood.
Assmann got it spot on and his insight has helped not only in the understanding of the ancient world but in how religions are devised from folk stories.
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